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  • Attorney's Employment Agreement

    On this date ________________, _______________________,“Client” and Patterson Legal Group, L.C., “Attorney”, enter into this agreement for the purpose described below, subject to the following terms and conditions:

    SCOPE OF ENGAGEMENT. This engagement is limited to the following: Client employs Attorney, and Attorney agrees to be employed to represent the Client’s interest in a professional manner relating to resolution of the bodily injury claim for the injuries sustained in the accident on _____________________. This engagement is limited to prosecuting the Client’s claims through a jury trial, and an appeal, if appropriate. Client understands Attorney may decline to file a lawsuit on behalf of Client, if Attorney determines that such a lawsuit would be legally or factually unwarranted, or not economically feasible. If other post-judgment proceedings such as attachment, garnishment, or a direct action against an insurance carrier are necessary to enforce Client’s rights, Attorney may renegotiate this Attorney’s Employment Agreement. Tax advice regarding this matter is beyond the scope of this agreement. Client understands to seek tax advice from another professional source.

    CLIENT OBLIGATIONS. Client has a duty: to promptly cooperate in furnishing information, documents or other evidence requested by Attorney; to appear at conferences, depositions, hearings and trial when requested to do so by Attorney; to not knowingly withhold material information or otherwise mislead Attorney; to cooperate fully with Attorney’s representation; and to pay when due, all sums owed to Attorney under the terms of this agreement. Client agrees not to discuss the case with anyone other than representatives of this office, and not to refer to this case via email, internet, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. Failing to cooperate with Attorney, or misleading or withholding information from Attorney, shall constitute grounds for immediately terminating this agreement.

    NO GUARANTEE. Attorney makes no guarantees regarding the outcome of this claim.

    ATTORNEY COMPENSATION. Attorney shall receive a fee of one-third (33 1/3%) of the “Net Recovery” before a lawsuit is filed. Attorney shall receive a fee of forty percent (40%) of the Net Recovery after a petition or complaint has been filed in Court; and Attorney shall receive a fee of fifty percent (50%) of the Net Recovery if the case is appealed by any party or the case is tried more than once. “Net Recovery” means the amount remaining after deducting from the “total amount recovered” all case expenses advanced by the Attorney. “Total amount recovered” means all sums recovered, regardless of the character of the recovery, and includes, without limitation, actual damages, punitive damages, penalties, sanctions, costs, attorney fees, and interest. If statutory attorney fees are awarded, Attorney may elect to accept the Court awarded fee in lieu of the contingency fee.

    SETTLEMENT. Attorney must have Client’s consent to settle Client’s claims. Attorney shall not dismiss litigation brought in Client’s name, with, or without prejudice, without Client’s approval unless Client refuses to follow Attorney’s advice.

    CASE EXPENSES. Attorney may advance costs and expenses, but is under no obligation to do so. Attorney may employ on Client’s behalf such experts as may be reasonably necessary in the attorney’s opinion to successfully prosecute the client’s case, the cost of which shall be part of the case expenses. Case expenses may also include, but are not limited to: fees from doctors for medical records or opinions, copies of documents, postage, and travel expenses. Case expenses shall also include a fee of one hundred dollars per year to cover unitemized case costs, as well as costs related to opening, closing, and maintaining Client’s paper and electronic files.

    PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION (PIP) AND OTHER LIENS. Client understands that some state’s laws provide for repayment of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits from the settlement recovery. PIP repayment is deducted before computing attorney fees and, pursuant to law, Attorney is entitled to a fee from the insurance carrier for obtaining reimbursement. Other liens may also be enforceable against any settlement obtained and will be paid out of the settlement proceeds. If Attorney negotiates and achieves a reduction of a bill on Client’s behalf, Attorney will pay the bill out of Client’s portion of the settlement at the time of disbursement. All bills are ultimately the client’s responsibility to pay out of the settlement proceeds which remain after attorney fees are deducted.

    LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY (POA). Client authorizes Attorney to replicate Client’s signature in order to endorse settlement checks, and to release medical records as necessary to prosecute Client’s claims. Client may limit this POA.

    TERMINATION. Client may terminate Attorney’s services at any time by giving Attorney written notice. If Client terminates services, Attorney will be compensated for services performed at a reasonable hourly rate and shall be reimbursed for expenses advanced. Attorney may terminate services by giving Client reasonable notice of termination. It is Client’s obligation to keep Attorney advised of Client’s current address. It shall be deemed reasonable notice of termination when Attorney sends written notice, by regular mail, to the last known address supplied by Client. If Attorney withdraws, except for good cause, compensation shall be limited to expenses advanced and any fee Attorney may have earned before withdrawal. If attorney fees are paid by a third party, Client agrees fees shall be calculated at $450.00 an hour. To secure all payments due to Attorney under the terms of this agreement, Attorney shall have a first and prior lien on all proceeds of: litigation commenced by Attorney; related litigation commenced after Attorney’s termination; related settlements made after Attorney’s termination; any settlement arranged by Attorney; and on any of Client’s papers or property in Attorney’s possession or control.

    CONCLUSION. Upon conclusion of this matter, Attorney shall provide Client a written final accounting. Attorney shall maintain an electronic file pertaining to the Client’s case and retain that file for a period not to exceed five (5) years. The file is property of the Client. Patterson Legal Group, L.C., is a limited liability company under Kansas law.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, effective the day and year first written, the parties have affixed their signatures