Attorney Gary Patterson Gets National Attention for Local Case

Gary PattersonDespite his TV-commercial persona, Attorney Gary Patterson isn’t one to seek out attention. So when Rachel Aviv, a writer with The New Yorker, contacted him recently, he was rather surprised.

“She was in town interviewing several local attorneys and victims’ families who’d been involved with legal actions in 2009 after the Schneider Medical Clinic was shut down,” said Patterson. “More than 56 people died as a result of overdoses after having been prescribed medication by Dr. Schneider.”

Not only did Ms. Aviv have plans to interview Gary and other attorneys, but also Dr. Schneider and his wife, who are now in federal prison. The article will be published sometime this spring.

Gary Patterson’s case was particularly interesting to Aviv, as he’d taken additional steps no other attorney had. He not only sought a claim from Dr. Schneider, but from the drug company as well.

“My client’s wife had a fairly typical condition–migraines. She was just being treated for headaches, but the drug being used was not typical for headaches. The drug was legally approved only for cancer patients with breakthrough pain, many of whom are terminally ill.  It’s a 1,000 times more powerful than morphine, and highly addictive.”

So why did Patterson seek damages from the manufacturer, Cephalon?

“Even before the client’s wife was prescribed medication, Cephalon had pled guilty to a federal charge of marketing this drug for off-label purposes. They devised a program where they convinced doctors to prescribe it for reasons other than for the terminally ill. This greatly increased their sales, and I intended to prove that this practice continued in the case of Dr. Schneider.”

Look for more information on the publication of this article in The New Yorker. This heartbreaking local story has made national headlines, and was a painful experience for the loved ones of those who only sought to relieve their own pain. Attorney Gary Patterson sought fair compensation for the victim’s family, and raised awareness of the drug company’s underhanded tactics.

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