Kansas Construction Zone Accident Lawyers

Kansas Construction Zone Accident Lawyers

Have you been injured in a construction zone accident?

Construction zone accidents on Kansas roads often result in serious or life-threatening injuries. Injuries from construction zones impact your overall physical health and affect the way you live your life.

When a company or the government places a construction zone in the road, there are increased dangers for all drivers. Speed limits are often reduced to limit the number of accidents that occur while a road is under construction. However, dangers still exist and if the government or company working on the road does not follow safety laws, customs, and procedures, it puts every driver on the road at risk.

Laws governing accidents that occur inside of construction zones require a heightened level of awareness of road regulations, which can make these accident cases complex to litigate. If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction zone because of another driver or because of the way the zone was designed, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. An experienced construction zone accident lawyer familiar with Kansas construction laws can help you make sure you’ve pursued every option available to you to recover for your injury.


Every construction zone accident case handled by Patterson Legal Group, LC is investigated by an attorney and our experienced staff. We’ve spent years refining our case preparation techniques into an organized and efficient system we use with each client to ensure we deliver effective presentations on your behalf in negotiations, or in front of a judge or jury. Our track record of successful results includes multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements.

To learn how our construction zone accident lawyers can help, contact us online or call us at 888-687-2400. Our services in all construction zone cases are provided on a contingency fee basis. This means we charge nothing for our services unless you are compensated for your injuries. This allows our clients the chance to level the playing field by having access to construction accident lawyers with no upfront costs to you.

Are you not sure our firm is right for you? We encourage you to talk to other lawyers. We are confident you’ll see the difference when you work with our team of attorneys experienced with handling construction zone cases and who care about our clients’ well being.


When you’ve been injured inside of a construction zone, the accident scene may change in minutes or hours, and the memory of potential witnesses quickly fades. It may be necessary to preserve evidence. An experienced construction zone attorney may need to take pictures of the construction zone, the automobiles or equipment involved, road conditions, or the injuries you’ve suffered. A construction accident attorney might seek to find video footage, or collect evidence to be safely stored for later inspection by an expert.

Investigation of the accident scene and interviews of employees or witnesses is time-sensitive. Taking quick action may make the difference in the amount of damages for your injuries. Patterson Legal Group, LC has handled over 2,000 Kansas road accident cases. Let our construction zone accident lawyers take care of your case, while you and your doctor focus on recovery.


Construction accident cases require a heightened knowledge of federal and state regulations, which makes this type of accident case complex and difficult to litigate. It is often appropriate to use expert witnesses whose knowledge and ability to communicate with a judge or jury about industry maintenance standards for construction zones, or the manner in which your accident occurred, that may make a difference in the outcome of your case. Expert witnesses frequently testify about:

  • Maintenance standards for construction zones;
  • Whether construction employees followed safety laws designed to protect you,
  • Standards or customs of reasonable care in the construction industry;
  • The chain of events leading to the accident;
  • Factors that may have contributed to the construction zone accident, such as negligence, under-staffing, lack of supervision, or the foreseeability of an accident; and
  • Recreation of construction zone accident scenes.

Expert witnesses may also help by evaluating and explaining the injuries you or your loved one has suffered. Severe injuries may change your quality of life, your mobility, or the way you complete tasks. Many construction zone cases result in injuries that require victims to undergo extensive surgeries and may leave life-long damage. Experts such as neurologists, surgeons, economists, life-case planners, vocational rehab and physical therapists, are necessary where you or a loved one has been severely injured. It is important to choose an attorney with enough monetary resources to hire the necessary expert witnesses if you hope to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.

The construction zone accident lawyers at Patterson Legal Group, LC are prepared to help our clients realize the best possible outcome for the injuries they have sustained. Call us today at (888) 687-2400 for a free initial consultation. For further information on our construction zone accident lawyers, click here.

Case Results

  • $540,000: Truck/Train Collision
  • $1,400,000: Motorcycle Accident
  • $529,000: Workers Compensation
  • $500,000: Auto Accident
  • $300,000: Recovery for a Shooting Victim
  • $1,500,000: Auto/Auto collision
  • $1,725,000: Auto/Truck Collision
  • $250,000: Auto/Bus Collision

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