Good Guys Give – Our Hats Off to a Successful First Year!

Patterson Legal Group has been working to help charitable organizations in our community for more than 20 years and we now have officially mobilized our employees into organizing our help. Our entire staff worked to form a new committee, Good Guys Give, to give back to our city. At Patterson …

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Quick Tips on How to Pick the Right Lawyer

right lawyer

Picking the right lawyer can be a very crucial decision. During this important time in your life, it may feel like things are falling apart. From getting injured in a car accident or on the job, a lawyer may be the only person to turn to. These days it can …

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Were you one of 1.4 million Kansans affected by the Equifax hack?

4 Million Kansas and Missouri Residents Hit by Equifax Breach
These past couple months are certainly ones to forget for Equifax. On September 7th, Equifax released to the public that they had been hacked by an unidentified person or group. Equifax went on the state that the breach was discovered between …

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Technology Aims to Reduce Rear End Collisions

rear end collisions

Rear end collisions can cause serious and permanent injuries.  Imagine a piece of technology that can slam on the brakes before a driver even realizes they are too close to your vehicle. Seems like technology waiting to be created, right? Actually, it has been here for quite some time.  Collision …

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She Made a Huge Mistake When She Uploaded This Selfie

Uploading a selfie to Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat is second nature.  Everyone loves a goofy selfie, or sharing exciting moments in your life with friends and the rest of the world.
One teen learned the hard way when she uploaded a selfie of her beach vacation.  The teen was injured in …

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5 Ways Insurance Companies Trick You After a Car Accident

Insurance Companies Call Immediately
Insurance companies will often call injury victims as soon as they find out about the accident.  You could still be in the emergency room or at the doctor and receive a phone call from the insurance company.  Their goal is to catch you off guard and to …

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Takata Agrees to $1 Billion Dollar Fine

In a Detroit courtroom on Monday February 27, the fate was decided for the Takata Corporation.
Yoichiro Nomuro, Takata’s finance chief, entered a guilty plea of one count of wire fraud and has agreed to pay a $1 billion fine for concealing a defect of millions of air bag inflators.
The infected …

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225,000 Kansas Vehicles Subject to Takata Recall

Takata, the airbag manufacturer, has been under scrutiny for dangerous defects in air bags.
There is an astronomical 50 percent chance that in a collision, an unrepaired airbag could spew metal fragments into the passenger compartment, causing major injuries and in some cases death.
Simply go to and input your VIN …

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Can I Sue for a Car and Bike Accident?

Car and bike accident? Call Patterson Legal Group 888-687-2400

Have you been injured in an accident involving a car and a bike? Generally you can bring a claim or sue if you were involved in an accident that was caused by someone else.
Show Me The Insurance
The first question a lawyer will ask when evaluating a car and bike accident …

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How much money can I get for a shoulder injury?

How much money can I get for a shoulder injury? Call Patterson Legal Group 888-687-2400

A lawsuit for a shoulder injury can range in value. In order to determine a settlement value of a claim, an insurance company will estimate on the lower end of what they think a jury in Kansas or Missouri will award. If you, or your lawyer, submit a demand to …

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