Kansas Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Kansas Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Have you or a loved one been injured in a pedestrian accident?

Over 78,000 pedestrians are injured 5,000 pedestrians die in motor-vehicle related accidents each year. (Reported by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.) Poor property maintenance can also cause or contribute to pedestrian accidents, whether it’s sidewalk or parking lot defects and/or construction or other trash or debris on a walkway. You may be able to recover damages for the injuries you have suffered if someone else’s negligence caused or contributed to your accident.

The results of each pedestrian injury case depend on a careful analysis of the facts of each accident as it relates to the essential legal elements of a pedestrian injury. When a pedestrian is injured, there may be multiple people with legal responsibility for the accident. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, those with potential liability include:
The driver of a vehicle has struck a pedestrian;
The party responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, road, or parking lot where the accident occurred;
The pedestrian himself or herself.
Early involvement of a pedestrian accident attorney may be critical to protect your legal claim.


Be aware those who may be responsible for your injuries might try to blame you for the accident by claiming you were the cause of an accident. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, you should:

  1. Contact an attorney, call Patterson Legal Group, LC at 888-687-2400
  2. Do not leave the scene of the accident before help arrives.
  3. Gather names and phone numbers of any witnesses.
  4. Make no statements to anyone,  including drivers and insurers.


Every pedestrian accident claim handled by Patterson Legal Group, LC is investigated by an attorney and our experienced staff. We’ve spent years refining our case preparation techniques into an organized and efficient system we use with each client to ensure we deliver effective presentations on your behalf in negotiations, or in front of a judge or jury. Our track record of successful results includes multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements.

To learn how our team might be able to help you, contact us online or call us at 888-687-2400. Our services in all pedestrian accident claims are provided on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not charge anything for our services unless you are compensated for your injuries. This allows our clients the chance to level the playing field by having access to experienced pedestrian accident lawyers with no upfront costs to you.

Are you not sure our firm is right for you? We encourage you to talk to other lawyers. We are confident you’ll see the difference when you work with our team of attorneys experienced with handling pedestrian accident claims and with people who care about you. For more information on our pedestrian accident attorneys, click here.

Case Results

  • $500,000: Car/Bus Collision
  • $550,000: Motorcyclist Killed
  • $300,000: Recovery for a Shooting Victim
  • $250,000: Defective Product
  • $500,000: Auto Accident
  • $290,000: ATV Accident

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FD and JD

We were very pleased the way our accident was handled.  It was a surprise when Gary went to the hospital to visit with us a short time after he was contacted.  Thank you so much.


Everyone was so nice; all great people to work with.

Anna R.



Just want to say, Thank You, for your time and service.   I appreciate you all, and everything you did to help me.

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