Car Accident, Compensation, and Costs

Immediately after a car accident you know to call for medical assistance and notify the relatives of anyone who may be injured. You should then call the police, make a report of the accident and also make a claim with the insurance company. But is that really all that you should do?  Don’t you think you should employ the services of an experienced car accident and personal injury lawyer?

After an accident,  there is so much to process and many thoughts go through your head. Perhaps you think that any lawyer can handle such a case, after all you see so many ads claiming that “we can handle any type of claim for you.” Some lawyers or law firms may mislead you by giving you the impression that an auto accident cases may make you an instant millionaire. However, this is not what happens with most automotive accident cases.

A car accident lawsuit is something that you might seek as a measure to ensure that you don’t suffer any financial setback and don’t have to pay unjustly for damages not caused by you. Also, it allows you to be compensated for the time, energy and salary that you may have lost as a result of such an auto accident.

An experienced lawyer and their trained staff  the ones who know how to handle your case, and increase the odds so that it turns in your favor. Ideally, your attorney should be someone with good track record in court. But you may fear hiring an attorney because you think their fees may leave you without compensation after your car accident.   Patterson Legal Group, LC strongly encourages you to read the fee agreement and ask any questions you might have.

Before you hand over your case to any lawyer, you must be very clear about the terms of payment. Lawyers who charge on a contingency fee basis only charge if you win your case. Patterson Legal Group, LC does almost all of its cases on a contingency fee basis.  In the event that you do not receive any compensation for your case, the lawyer does not charge a fee. 

Insurance company studies have shown that individuals who hire an attorney receive more money before attorney fees than those to do not hire an attorney.  If you are injured in an accident and you are unable to work because of the wreck, then make an appointment to consult with one of our attorneys.

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