Does Gary Patterson Wear a Cowboy Hat to Court?

This may be one of the questions you’ve asked yourself after seeing a TV commercial for Patterson Legal Group. Attorney Gary Patterson, with his white Stetson, can be seen performing all sorts of cowboy hi-jinks, from telling an insurance company guy to “pay up” at the saloon:

To having a “showdown” at high noon:

While some may call these commercials “goofy” or “silly,” Gary Patterson calls them something else. Effective. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he takes his work very seriously.

“All of the legal things we do are serious. When we have a case, everything is very serious and aggressive. We work as hard as we can to make it successful. But I want my clients to know I’m a real person. I’m not scary. I create a relaxed atmosphere so the client isn’t scared to meet us.”

Gary Patterson works on a philosophy that when it comes to marketing, you have to “entertain people and make them laugh.” But why did he come to this conclusion? Because he’s tried the other way before.

“When I first started, we made our own commercials. They were high brow, serious, and only explained what we did. It was totally as professional as we could be. And you know what? We got exactly zero calls from that. So we decided to change strategy.”

Gary’s personal philosophy as an attorney is that you can be a good person, treat people with respect (even the opposing counsel and insurance companies) and you can still win because you’re more prepared, not because you’re mean or intimidating.

“Simply put, we’re more prepared coming in. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect. We focus on service, caring and getting as much money in the client’s pocket as possible to pay medical fees, etc.”

So next time you see Attorney Gary Patterson saunter onto your big screen in all his good-guy glory, you can let his cowboy persona catch your attention, but don’t let it fool you. No, he doesn’t wear a cowboy hat in the courtroom, but he will tell the insurance guy to “pay up” in the most respectful, and successful way possible.

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