Life Care Planner Provides Crucial Expertise After Catastrophic Injury

Jack Dahlberg, Life Care Planner
Jack Dahlberg

Should you or a loved one ever suffer a catastrophic injury during an accident, such as a brain injury or spinal cord injury, you’ll not only want the very best representation through Patterson Legal Group, you’ll also want the resources we provide to help ensure the best quality of life possible after such an event.

That’s where Life Care Planner Jack Dahlberg, of Dahlberg & Associates Rehab Consultants in Colorado, provides just that service on behalf of Patterson Legal Group.

“I’m a lifecare planner. And what that means is that I offer life care planning services after catastrophic services,” said Jack. “I provide analysis of future needs and costs, to cover disability support after spinal cord or brain injuries and also for amputees and those with severe burns, whether adult or pediatric.”

Not only did Jack receive his masters in vocational and rehabilitation counseling, but he also utilizes his first-hand knowledge to give his clients the best recommendations and support possible.

“I broke my neck during a ski accident when I was 19. I was in college and already pursuing a business career, so I decided to use my experience to create a business and help others.”

So how does Jack help victims of catastrophic injuries? First, he reviews their basic medical records from the injury forward so he can see what the physicians and therapists are seeing. Then, he evaluates the client in person, and goes through a rigorous detailed process to see what the injuries are. Once he knows the total picture, he determines ongoing needs, medication costs, medical supplies, equipment, doctor’s visits, therapy visits, etc. For ongoing costs, he breaks them down into annualized costs, and he also takes into consideration “one-time” costs such as home modification and surgeries.

Using these facts and figures, Patterson Legal Group is then able to ascertain a more accurate claim amount, one that will help the client not only survive, but also achieve the best quality of life possible. A report like this takes the future medical expenses and different costs associated with an injury from the abstract to tangible and concrete. This makes it easier for a jury to award the right amount of damages and not have to guess what they think it might be and find consensus among all the jurors for some unspecified amount.

“If someone doesn’t have a legal case, or if they don’t pursue it, the cost of living with a catastrophic disability is…well…catastrophic. They have to live off their own insurance, and let me tell you, it’s rare to find a policy well-equipped enough to handle it. They’ll have to depend on Medicare or Medicaid and will more than likely live a marginal lifestyle,” said Jack. “There are only a handful of people who do what I do, and it takes more than familiarity with the injuries and the costs associated to be successful. It also takes the fortitude to serve as an effective expert witness, which some are too intimidated to do under cross examination.”

Jack considers himself lucky to have found a high quality of life and a meaningful, fulfilling career after his injury.

“My job is very rewarding. Especially when I fly into Wichita, pick up a rental car, and drive out to a farm house to evaluate someone’s son or daughter. The parents are amazed that I’m able to do these things on my own, and it gives them hope of what their child’s life could be like with the right help and resources.”

Patterson Legal Group, along with its team of experts like Jack Dahlberg, are here for you should you ever need legal representation after a catastrophic injury. Services like these require a rather significant investment of funds, but if it is determined that life care planning services would increase the value of your case, and help you get the services you need, we pay for life care planning up front, and if there’s no win, then there’s no fee. Just call 888-687-2400 and we’ll be more than happy to evaluate your unique situation.

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