Making Life Beautiful Shout Outs

Making Life Beautiful (observed on June 11th), is a day dedicated to encouraging and celebrating men and women who are making life beautiful.  Whether they are donating time to a worthy cause or helping others achieve personal success, one small action can lead to a ripple effect!

We asked our Facebook followers to tag someone they know who is making life more beautiful and tell us a little bit more about their efforts!  We had so many great entries come in!

Here are a handful of selected individuals who are hands down, #MakingLifeBeautiful:

  • Casey Taton – Two and a half years ago she launched a one-woman effort under the name “Little Moments, Big Dreams Celebrations”( to provide parties for these children.
  • Dusty Stanley Gomel – She has been taking chemo and found the strength to make masks for her respiratory therapy co-workers. She has also volunteered countless hours at her church and school organizing several drives to benefit those in need.
  • Terry Johnson – Founder of Project Teacher. Terry provides teachers with free supplies through fundraisers and donations. He has a warehouse and a mobile unit that makes it easier for teachers to get the supplies they need at no cost.
  • Karletta Pergeson – Owner of “Happily Ever After Parties”. Her Princess staff provided over 400 free “shout-outs” to birthday boys and girls who were sheltering in place to ensure each one felt special during this very difficult time.
  • Laynna Badgett – Founder of The Meaningful Life Foundation. She works tirelessly to bring activity, dance, recreation, and experiences to individuals in the community with special needs. She is a huge advocate for individuals who learn and experience life differently.