The Kansas City Star Interviews Attorney Gary Patterson

The Kansas City Star interviews attorney Gary Patterson regarding his work on behalf of the victims of a horrific crash involving two tractor-trailers and three passenger vehicles along Interstate 70 in July of 2017.

Patterson and other lawyers for the victims’ surviving family members spent close to a year investigating the wreck and exhausting all possibilities of finding additional compensation apart from the $1 million liability coverage from the trucking company that was spread across five families.

Known for his dedication to his clients and innovative expertise in personal injury law, Patterson was convinced there was another direction he could take and became deeply involved in locating and working with other counsel to represent the victims. Today, Patterson represents clients in one of two cases in the nation involving forward crash warning, automatic braking safety systems.

“When it comes to safety and distracted drivers, it shouldn’t be an option, it should be put on every truck,” Gary Patterson said. “It’s going to take a couple of lawsuits, successful lawsuits, before they realize they are going to have to start doing that.”

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