Legal Dictionary

Legal Dictionary

There are a plethora of legal terms involved in your case. Our legal dictionary helps define terms that can become confusing from A-Z.

Delay letter

A letter sent by insurance companies offering an explanation on why payments may be delayed. The letter will generally include what information is necessary for the insurance company to process a claim and timelines on when a decision will be finalized for the insurance payment.

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A written response to a complaint. The response occurs when a defendant asserts the law used by a plaintiff is insufficient or inapplicable, even though alleged facts may be true.

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Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

A denied workers’ compensation claim occurs when an insurance company believes your injury or illness is not covered by workers’ compensation and they have notified you of the decision.

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Physical or mental impairments that limit or affect your life activities. A condition that makes engaging in routine daily tasks, physical, social, and work, more difficult.

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Disability Management

A process to prevent disability from occurring or to intervene early, following the start of a disability, to mitigate the damage a disability might have on one’s life. Disability management is most effective by starting early in the recovery process for severe injury cases like spinal injuries. It is common for a team of …

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Duty /duːti/
Ordinarily, people owe a duty to those around them to use a standard of due care such that a “reasonable person” would use in the same situation. Someone may owe you a duty because it was established by a law, a contract, their relationship to you, a duty they …

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Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS)

An Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS) is an electronic system intended to simplify and improve the Division of Workers’ Compensation case management process.

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Essential Functions

Duties considered fundamental to a job. When being considered for alternative work, you must have both the physical and mental qualifications to fulfill the job’s essential functions.

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Sending or delivering a document as part of the legal process. The date of filing is generally the date the document is received.

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Future medical

On-going right to medical treatment for an injury.

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Case Results

  • $540,000: Truck/Train Collision
  • $250,000: Auto/Bus Collision
  • $529,000: Workers Compensation
  • $8,600,000: Auto Accident Judgment
  • $250,000: Defective Product
  • $4,000,000: Accidental Dismemberment

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