Legal Dictionary

Legal Dictionary

There are a plethora of legal terms involved in your case. Our legal dictionary helps define terms that can become confusing from A-Z.


A direct denial of material allegations.

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Unavoidable Accident

An accident that is inevitable despite all involved exercising necessary care.

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Vicarious Liability

Liability for the tort (harmful actions) of another even though the person being held responsible may not have been the actor who committed the harm.

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No longer having a binding effect or legal force; null.

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Knowing and voluntary relinquishment of a right.  A waiver may be express or implied.

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Case Results

  • $300,000: Recovery for a Shooting Victim
  • $6,000,000: Negligence
  • $540,000: Truck/Train Collision
  • $500,000: Auto Accident
  • $1,600,000: Car Rollover
  • $500,000: Head-on Collision
  • $550,000: Motorcyclist Killed
  • $529,000: Workers Compensation

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