Holiday Drinking and Driving Safety Tips

Holiday Drinking and Driving Safety Tips

From delectable eggnog on Christmas to decadent champagne on New Year’s Eve, alcoholic beverages are enjoyed by millions of people during the holiday season. Unfortunately, festive alcohol consumption also brings an increase in the amount of car accidents caused by driving under the influence (DUI). 

According to the National Highway Transportation …

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6 Things Insurance Adjusters Say to Deceive You

5 quick tips

Insurance adjusters, sometimes called claims adjusters or claims handlers, often say misleading things to their customers. Not only are some of the things they say deceptive, but they are also not in your best interest. Having an experienced Kansas auto accident lawyer like those at Patterson Legal Group can help …

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What if My Insurance Expires and I Get Into an Accident?

car accident with expired insurance

If you are injured in a car accident with expired insurance in Kansas or Missouri, it may still be possible to recover damages. But if and how you’ll be compensated depends on who caused the accident and whether it occurred in a state that uses a fault-based insurance system or …

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How Many Hours Do You Have to Report an Accident at Work?

Workers’ Comp Deadlines

Were you injured while on the job? Did you experience a permanent disability you believe may be work-related? Don’t delay in seeking medical attention and reporting your work accident to your employer. Then, make sure you seek legal counsel to learn more about your options.

Call us 24/7 at (888) 687-2400 …

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What Insurance Covers Bicycle Accidents?

Bike accident claim in KS

What insurance covers bicycle accidents should you or a loved one find themselves involved in a bike crash with a car, truck, pedestrian, or other entity? Our Kansas personal injury lawyers answer that question and provide other important points bicycle riders need to know…

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How to Avoid a Halloween Accident

Halloween Accident

Halloween is one of the most joyous holidays for children of all ages. Whether you’re into dressing up in elaborate costumes, going to haunted houses, or hoarding mountains of candy, it can be one of the most amazing times of the year. Unfortunately, with so much atypical activity happening on …

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Personal Injury Attorneys: What Do They Charge?

If you’ve suffered an injury due to the negligence of another person, naturally you may wonder how much it can cost to hire an attorney. Many people think hiring an attorney isn’t affordable, or that the payoff simply isn’t worth the effort. We at Patterson Legal Group are here to …

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I Was Hit by a Delivery Truck Driver – What Now?

delivery truck accident

In Kansas, Missouri, and throughout the country, delivery truck accidents are not uncommon. Collisions involving Amazon delivery vans, USPS mail trucks, UPS vans, and FedEx trucks are all regularly reported, resulting in everything from minor property damage to severe injury and death. 

When a delivery truck company or driver’s negligence causes …

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