How Much Is My Case Worth?

“How much is my car wreck worth?” is a question that crosses many people’s minds after they’ve been in a car accident. The answer to that question is complex and multifaceted. Thankfully, Patterson Legal Group has extensive experience getting our clients maximum compensation from insurance companies. Here’s a breakdown of …

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The Kansas City Star Interviews Attorney Gary Patterson

kansas semi-truck attorneys, wichita semi-truck attorneys

The Kansas City Star interviews attorney Gary Patterson regarding his work on behalf of the victims of a horrific crash involving two tractor-trailers and three passenger vehicles along Interstate 70 in July of 2017.–Patterson and other lawyers for the victims’ surviving family members spent close to a year investigating the …

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Compensation for Your Pain and Suffering

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Victims of an accident can experience physical pain and psychological distress. This pain and suffering can negatively impact a person’s life for a significant period of time after the incident occurs.

Here’s an example of how pain and suffering can affect a person’s life after they’ve been hurt in wreck in …

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4 More Common Things Insurance Adjusters Say to Deceive You

5 quick tips

In our previous article, we discussed a few common things that insurance adjusters may say in order to prevent you from getting the most out of your claim.  Having an experienced Kansas injury attorney, like those at Patterson Legal Group, can help avoid deception used by insurance adjusters so you …

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Common Things Insurance Adjusters Say to Deceive You

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Insurance adjusters, sometimes called claims adjusters or claims handlers, often say misleading things to their customers. Some of the things they say are deceptive and not in your best interest. Having an experienced injury attorney, like those at Patterson Legal Group, can help avoid deception used by insurance adjusters so …

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Heroes on the Water Named April’s Non-Profit Hero in Topeka

The Patterson Legal Group was honored to have Heroes on the Water as this month’s Non-Profit Hero in the Topeka area!
Heroes on the Water offer therapeutic programs for veterans, active-duty military, first responders and their families. Their mission is to help warriors relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate through outdoor activities.
Thank you so much …

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“No-Fault”— What Does It Mean?

If you are in an accident in Kansas, the policeman on scene may tell you that you are in a no-fault state. Now what does that mean for you? Does that mean you can’t collect money from the other driver?

No. What this means is that, by law, regardless of who …

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Weather-Related Accidents Are More Fatal Than You Think!

weather related accidents

The sheer power and unpredictability of tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes leave the bravest citizens shaken up. The damage created is devastating, but everyday weather is exponentially more dangerous. Wet or icy pavement is statistically more dangerous than any tornado, hurricane, or earthquake. Unbelievable, right?
In autumn, we store our tank tops …

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Semi-Truck Safety: Time For A Change!

kansas semi-truck attorneys, wichita semi-truck attorneys

Semi-Truck Safety on Today’s Roads

Driving on today’s roads is dangerous. Distracted driving, impaired driving, and hazardous road conditions are just a few of the unsafe conditions one sees from behind the wheel. Now imagine an 80,000-pound semi-truck with braking problems while the driver stares at Facebook videos. Even at speeds …

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