St. Joseph Work Injury Attorney

Like millions of other Americans, you want to enjoy a peaceful and productive day at work. However, a typical workday may turn into a workers’ compensation nightmare if you suffer an injury. If you are hurt during work, it’s of utmost importance to file a workers’ compensation claim. When you do, have a St. Joseph work injury attorney by your side. That way, you ensure you will receive the maximum amount of benefits available to you.

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How Often Do Injuries and Fatalities Happen at Work?

In 2019, there were more than 157.5 million employed Americans. That year, there were also 2.8 million workplace injuries. 5,333 fatalities occurred too, the highest number reported since 2007. These fatalities happened most often in the fishing, hunting, and logging industries, as well as among aircraft pilots and flight engineers. 

St. Joseph Work Injury Attorney

Missouri had 2.82 million of those employed Americans working hard every day to make a living. Over 54,200 nonfatal injuries happened in our state that year, not including 106 fatalities.

Each time one of these accidents occur, the individual and their families are adversely affected. While they may be covered by some workers’ compensation benefits, they still have to deal with the pain and suffering that goes along with any injury. 

Moreover, any families dealing with a death in the family must face life without a source of companionship and additional income. That’s where an attorney from Patterson Legal Group might be able to help injured workers in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Common Workers’ Compensation Cases

At Patterson Legal Group, we have over 25 years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases just like yours. For instance, we have worked on cases of:

  • Factory injuries
  • Electrocution 
  • Industrial injuries

If you have been injured on the job, Missouri law says it is illegal for your employer to discourage you from filing a claim for workers’ compensation insurance. Let your attorney know if this has been done in your case, as you have every right to your benefits.  

Workers’ Compensation Laws in Missouri

Not only does the Missouri Department of Labor dictate the legality of your employer discouraging a claim, but it also indicates:

  1. If your employer has five or more people working for them, they must provide workers’ compensation insurance. 
  2. If you work in construction, your employer must offer workers’ comp insurance with only one employee.
  3. Some employees do not need to be covered by insurance, like babysitters and housekeepers.
  4. An injured employee has only two years to file before the statute of limitations expires.

With only two years to file, it’s easy to let time slip away. So, don’t hesitate, and give Patterson Legal Group a call. We have recovered over $250 million on behalf of our clients, and this financial assistance can help families when they need it most.

What Costs Might Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Workers’ compensation benefits are intended to help employees after a work-related injury. Sometimes, those benefits are not given out to the maximum degree. In this case, a St. Joseph personal injury attorney may be able to provide quality representation and assist you.

By working with a lawyer, you may receive financial compensation for any lost wages, medical bills from your accident, rehabilitation costs, and therapy. You may even receive compensation towards training for your new line of work, if your injury’s severity led you to a new career.

When an injury happens while on the job, don’t try to recover without assistance. Instead, utilize the expertise of our attorneys to get you and your family back on track.

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