Topeka Car Accident Lawyer

Topeka Car Accident Lawyer


If you are seriously injured in a car accident, you need some of the best personal injury attorneys in Topeka. You may be facing medical bills and time off work.  Our team of professional car wreck lawyers help to make sure your medical bills get paid and work to get you a check for pain and suffering.

Car accidents in Topeka are unavoidable and many occur every year. The causes of an accident vary widely, whether it is non-attention, driving conditions, alcohol or drugs.  Many people who are seriously injured find themselves permanently disabled.  If you or a loved one are injured, a Topeka car accident lawyer can help investigate the cause of your accident to make sure you are paid for your injuries.

Why Do I Need a Topeka Car Accident Lawyer for My Claim?

There are many advantages to hiring an attorney to represent you in an injury claim. One of the most valuable advantages? With attorney representation, most insurance company adjusters automatically increase the value of your case.

Another advantage to note: when you hire an attorney to work on your case, they are ethically bound to make every decision in your best interest. However, when you work directly with an insurance company, an insurance adjuster does not have the same ethical obligation to treat you fairly.

With a Topeka car accident lawyer, you have someone entirely on your side who is looking after your interests alone. We offer a free consultation if you have questions about whether or not you may have a claim and if representation will be helpful for you. If you have sustained a severe injury, an lawyer may be critical to properly evaluate your claim and find experts to work on your behalf.

How Will You Evaluate a Potential KS Claim?

The following are a few of the many factors we use to help you evaluate a potential car accident case:

  • Were there damages to your car or personal items? Insurance companies consider this factor because serious property damage increases the likelihood of serious injuries.
  • Did you incur medical bills as a result of the car accident?  Do you expect to have any future related medical bills?
  • Have you lost wages, benefits, overtime or do you expect future lost wages?
  • Have you experienced pain and suffering? Compensation for pain and suffering does not follow a precise formula, it takes years of experience to determine a fair amount.
  • Pain and suffering is calculated in various ways.  Insurance companies consider: the nature of your injury, how long you were treating, and whether your injury is permanent.

Call 1-785-431-0000 today to speak with a Topeka car accident lawyer that cares about you and your accident.

Patterson Legal Group Gives Back to the Community

Our firm is active in giving back to the local Topeka community.  Patterson Legal Group and WIBW have partnered to recognize and honor Topeka’s local amazing non-profit heroes. 

Nominate a local Topeka hero and they could receive a $1,000 and be featured on WIBW’s Red Couch Show.

How Do I Get Started?

Speak with a Topeka car accident lawyer today for a free case evaluation and consultation by calling (785) 431-0000. You can also connect with one of our LiveChat agents standing by 24/7, or fill out this form to request your free case review.

Case Results

  • $1,500,000: Auto/Auto collision
  • $3,000,000: Insurance Bad Faith Claim
  • $225,000: Auto Accident; at unmarked intersection resulted in death
  • $6,000,000: Negligence
  • $300,000: Recovery for a Shooting Victim
  • $550,000: Motorcyclist Killed

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Our client attorney relationship was amazing. The team was always available and helpful when we had questions, and we had a lot. They took the stress away and walked us thru every detail of our case. They were very patient and was very detailed about the process. We have used ...


Just want to say, Thank You, for your time and service. I appreciate you all, and everything you did to help me.

Constance O.

I felt my case was handled with the utmost care and efficiency. Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf.

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My experience was wonderful! The staff were very nice and helpful. I would also like to say that Tyler is very trustworthy and honest. I think he’s great!

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