Pittsburg Car Accident Lawyer

Pittsburg Car Accident Lawyer

Injured? A Pittsburg Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

There is nowhere on earth quite like Pittsburg. Pittsburg’s roots in Kansas history give it a rich cultural history and make it a great city to live. However, like the rest of Kansas, it is necessary for most residents of Pittsburg to travel by car daily to get from place to place. Car accidents in Pittsburg are unavoidable and many occur every year. The causes of an accident can vary widely, and the accident could be the result of driver negligence, driving conditions, alcohol or drugs, faulty vehicle parts. If you’ve been injured, a Pittsburg car accident lawyer can help investigate the cause of your accident to make sure you are paid for your injuries.

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If you or a loved one have suffered injuries in a car accident, you are already aware how a car accident can have a serious effect on an accident victim and their entire family. Many who are seriously injured, find themselves permanently disabled and in need of a Pittsburg car accident lawyer.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, whether in Pittsburg , or throughout Kansas, the car accident lawyers at Patterson Legal Group, LC will fight to get you money you deserve for your claim.

Why Do I Need a Pittsburg Car Accident Lawyer for My Claim?

Insurance companies often try to make even the smallest Pittsburg car accident claims difficult. An insurance adjuster will work on your behalf, but they also represent the best interests of the insurance company. Insurance adjusters on behalf of their insurance company, which requires them to balance your interests with the interests of the insurance company. With a Pittsburg car accident lawyer, you have someone entirely on your side who is looking after your interests alone. We offer a free consultation if you have questions about whether or not you may have a claim and if representation will be helpful for you.

If you have sustained a severe injury, an lawyer may be critical to properly evaluate your claim and find experts to work on your behalf.

How Will You Evaluate a Potential KS Claim?

The following are a few of the many factors we use to help you evaluate a potential car accident case:

  • Were there damages to your car or personal items?
  • Did you incur medical bills as a result of the car accident, and do you expect to have any future related medical bills?
  • Have you lost wages, benefits, overtime or do you expect future loss of earnings?
  • Have you experienced pain and suffering? Compensation for pain and suffering does not follow a precise formula.
  • It takes years of experience to determine a fair amount, at this time the court or insurance company considers factors including: scarring, long-lasting symptoms and permanent disability.


What are the Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Pittsburg?

Driver Error or Driver Negligence The most common cause of car accidents in Pittsburg is driver error, including: failure to yield, following too closely, driving at excessive speeds, drunk driving, and disregard of traffic signs. An experienced Pittsburg car accident lawyer will order your accident report and can help investigate if driver error or negligence is a factor in your case. Distractions to Vehicle Driver In the information age, driver distractions have grown as a cause of car accidents. Common distractions include: cell phone usage, driver attempts to read, puts on makeup, changes the radio station, and numerous other distractions inside and outside of the vehicle. Failure to Properly Service and Maintain a Car, Truck or Bus Another significant area of car accident cases in Pittsburg, often appearing in the commercial vehicle setting, involves failure to properly service and maintain vehicles. This failure is becoming more common everyday. Typically, improper maintenance is due to the failure of the owner or a service company to properly maintain and service a car,truck or bus.The result of this failure can be catastrophic. For example, the failing to properly lubricate bearings on a commercial vehicle (routine maintenance) can result in the entire wheel assembly disengaging from the vehicle while driving down a road. Road Defect or Negligent Design of the Roadway A special group of car accidents, roadway defects, considers the design of the roadway itself. A poorly designed roadway, construction setup or debris, means of controlling traffic can cause or contribute to a serious car accident. A Pittsburg car accident lawyer can help investigate if a roadway defect may be present in your case. Construction on Kansas roadways must follow certain requirements. An experienced Pittsburg car accident lawyer will know the laws of the road. Product Liability or Car Manufacturing Defect Car accident cases may also sometimes involve a unique class of litigation known as product liability. In car accident claims, these cases typically arise where a defect in a motor vehicle causes an accident and result in injuries. A design or defect may not be the actual cause of the accident, but it may worsen the injuries sustained by the vehicle occupants. (Example: SUV’s may be more likely to rollover in a car accident.) Other common cases of product liability include: Failure of an airbag to deploy; Seatbelt failure; or Gas tank explosion.

What Parts of Kansas do You Serve?

Patterson Legal Group, LC serves residents of Pittsburg, Kansas. Our firm has offices in Wichita and Topeka, KS. We have the resources necessary to conduct car accident investigations throughout Kansas. Our Pittsburg car accident lawyers serve throughout Crawford County, with service through area codes:620; and zip codes: 66762. Visit the www.pitks.org website for more information. Pittsburg is home to Pittsburg State University (PSU), which trains educators and professional throughout Kansas. Locals embrace a rich cultural history, and once a year celebrate a one-of-a-kind holiday: Pittsburg’s Little Balkans Days.

How Do I Get Started?

Speak with a Pittsburg Car Accident Lawyer today for a free case evaluation and consultation by calling (888) 687-2400, or contact us online.

Case Results

  • $8,600,000: Auto Accident Judgment
  • $540,000: Truck/Train Collision
  • $500,000: Auto Accident
  • $550,000: Motorcyclist Killed
  • $500,000: Tow-Truck Operator Struck and Killed
  • $500,000: Head-on Collision
  • $4,000,000: Accidental Dismemberment
  • $1,500,000: Auto/Auto collision

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It was comforting knowing that I had the Patterson Legal Group on my side while I was injured in a hit by a drunk driver.  It was nice to be able to heal & recover & not have to worry about the legal part of the insurance company.   Thank Patterson ...

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They relieved so much stress from my life after the accident. I would recommend them to anyone! Great job everyone! God bless!


I was well pleased on how you and your staff handled my case and for the timely way it was presented.   You and your staff deserve all the thanks and gratitude on how professional you were.   I will definitely recommend you to family and friends and I will use you ...

Donita M.

Blessed to have such a great team on my side, very efficient, not to mention if I had a question, they always had answer right then or same day. Staff was always friendly, and kind. I wILL be recommending your office to all of my family, friends, ect. Thanks Tyler ...

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