St. Joseph Soft Tissue Injury Attorney

Soft tissue damage is extremely common in personal injuries caused by accidents. This is partially because soft tissue isn’t as strong as bones and partially because the human body has so many different types of soft tissue. Cartilage, ligaments, muscles, and tendons can be strained, torn, or shattered after an accident. Due to the nature of these injuries, it’s important that you don’t accept a quick settlement from the insurance company. To help ensure that you’re properly compensated for these injuries, you should consult with a St. Joseph soft tissue injury attorney from Patterson Legal Group.

St. Joseph Soft Tissue Injury Attorney

How Do St. Joseph Soft Tissue Injuries Happen?

Soft tissue injuries normally happen due to frequent use or overuse. For example, a person may develop elbow tendonitis if they play a lot of golf or tennis. Other soft tissue injuries, such as a torn meniscus, can be random occurrences. In the case of an accident, the damage usually happens because of impact or strain. For example, let’s say a person gets into a bicycle accident after getting hit by a car. There’s a good chance that the impact caused ligament, muscle, or tendon tears.

The St. Joseph soft tissue injury lawyers at Patterson Legal Group have represented clients that have suffered injuries due to:

What Makes Soft Tissue Damage Different?

Soft tissue injuries can be a problem with insurance claims. Reason being that these types of injuries typically take more time to diagnose properly compared to broken bones. Additionally, a person may not even be aware of any damage immediately following an accident. Swelling needs to subside and advanced diagnostics, such as a CT or MRI scan, are often required to properly diagnose a soft tissue injury.

Furthermore, insurance companies tend to fight back against soft tissue injury claims. They will try to dismiss these injuries as pre-existing and say that they were not caused by an accident. Many insurance companies get away with this since soft tissue damage takes time to prove and many accident victims are willing to accept money right away. 

Patterson Legal Group can help you fight back and make sure that you get the settlement that you’re entitled to.

Contact a St. Joseph Soft Tissue Injury Attorney

If you believe that you’ve suffered soft tissue damage due to an accident caused by another party, it’s important that you consult with a St. Joseph soft tissue injury attorney. Cartilage, ligament, and tendon tears can have long-term effects on your health, affecting the way you move for the rest of your life. If another party caused these injuries then you should get compensated for them.

You can be sure that the insurance company will do everything possible to minimize your settlement, so let Patterson Legal Group represent you while you focus on your health. Our attorneys take great pride in the winning case results they’ve achieved for our clients. However, they’re even prouder to have received great reviews for treating clients with the respect they deserve.

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