St. Joseph Broken Bone Injury Lawyers

St. Joseph Broken Bone Injury Lawyers

If you have suffered injuries in a car, motorcycle, or slip and fall accident, it’s likely that you have broken bones and/or fractures. Broken bone injuries can be very painful, regardless of severity. 

While you may think broken bones are not a devastating injury, they may require a lengthy and complicated recovery process. This process may include reconstructive surgeries, months of physical therapy, and patience while the bones set and heal again.

In an accident, broken bones often go hand in hand with other injuries that can leave you with expensive medical costs. A St. Joseph broken bone injury lawyer from Patterson Legal Group may be able to help you offset these costs by seeking financial compensation. Call 816-920-0000 to begin the process with your free case evaluation and consultation.

What Kind of Accidents Cause Broken Bones in St. Joseph?

Broken bones may be the result of many different kinds of accidents. For instance:

  • Car accidents often cause broken bone injuries. It is not surprising to see victims of car accidents with multiple broken bones on various parts of their bodies. Some of the most common car accident bone breaks include hip fractures, face and skull fractures, and leg breaks in the tibia, fibula, and femur.
  • Motorcycle accidents also cause broken bones, as these accidents can lead to the rider being thrown from the vehicle. A broken leg from hitting the ground, or a skull fracture from striking one’s head without a helmet, are typical.
  • Broken bones also happen in slip and falls accidents. Again, hip fractures happen often, as well as wrist breaks, ankle fractures, and skull fractures.

Really, any forceful accident may lead to broken bone injuries. And, due to the unpredictability and chaos of a terrible accident, many types of broken bones may happen to victims all at once. Then, the victim must recover from multiple physical injuries, as well as any further complications that may arise.

Further Complications from Bone Breaks

Sometimes, bones simply need time to heal. After the bone has healed, the victim can return to their normal life. However, broken bone injuries can lead to complications that may affect the sufferer for years to come. 

For instance, broken bones that do not heal properly may lead to a loss of optimal mobility. Joints may ache and develop arthritis. Furthermore, if someone breaks their spine or neck, they may become paralyzed and lose the ability to move any part of their body below the injury. 

All these complications can get costly. If your accident happened at no fault of your own, the St. Joseph broken bone lawyers at Patterson Legal Group may be able to help you receive financial compensation. This compensation may be able to offset some of the expenses from a significant broken bone injury.

What Should I Do After a Broken Bone Injury?

After a broken bone injury caused by an accident, immediately seek medical help. Save all medical bills, doctor’s notes, and prescription receipts. Also, keep notes on your symptoms and how your injuries progress. 

Then, reach out to the broken bone attorneys at Patterson Legal Group. Do this by calling 816-920-0000, using our convenient LiveChat feature, or filling out this online form. Present these important artifacts to your attorney so they may build a strong case for you and your family. 

Do I Need a Lawyer to Get Compensation For My St. Joseph Broken Bone Injury?

When it comes to compensation for broken bone injuries, it’s of utmost importance to have a lawyer. They will be able to look at multiple factors and determine the appropriate amount owed to you. These factors take into account who was liable for the accident, as well as the severity, emotional toll, and lifelong complications of the injury.

After an accident that caused broken bones, you will need to focus your energy on recovery. Do not waste time trying to juggle your injuries, lost wages, and a complicated personal injury case. With 25 years of experience, our St. Joseph broken bone lawyers have the knowledge necessary to fight for your compensation. 

Why Should I Work with Patterson Legal Group?

With $250 million recovered for our clients so far, our track record speaks for itself. Concerned about the cost of an attorney? At Patterson Legal Group, there are no fees unless we win your case. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, so connect with us today!