Bilingual Legal Assistant Helps Patterson Bridge Language Barrier

Tina Medrano
Imagine living in a country where you had little to no understanding of the native language. It would be confusing and frustrating until you learned basic words and phrases that could help you communicate. Now imagine getting into an auto accident, receiving a workplace injury or being involved in …

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Deadly Earthquakes. Can My Loved Ones Sue When My Ceiling Caves In?

If you’ve noticed an increase in the number of earthquakes throughout the Midwest, you are not alone. Geologists say there were over 600 earthquakes of 1.5 or greater magnitude in Kansas in 2014. Earthquakes can cause severe injuries or even death. Does our civil justice system allow you or your …

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Accident Reports in Missouri

How Do I Obtain Accident Reports in Missouri? Call Patterson Legal Group at 888-687-2400

How can I obtain a copy of an accident report in Missouri?
The first responding officer to an accident can provide you with information on how to obtain a copy of the accident or police report. The police report could be very important when in terms of evidence if you have …

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Gary Patterson Wins 10 Best Client Satisfaction Award from AIOPIA

Patterson Legal Group is proud to announce that Gary Patterson has received a Client Satisfaction Award from the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys (AIOPIA). The award recognizes Gary as one of the 10 Best of 2014 in Kansas.

The 10 Best Client Satisfaction award is significant because it is based on criteria …

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PLG Cards Highlighted on

Recently we told you about the Flower Girl picture located in the hallway of the Patterson Legal Group and we explained how it was painted by our very own Gary Patterson.
Creativity must run in the family because our business card design, created by our newest attorney, Tyler Patterson, was recently …

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The Inspiration for Flower Girl

In the hallway at Patterson Legal Group, you will find a painting depicting a young girl surrounded by flowers. It’s one of the many framed prints created by our own Gary Patterson, and the story behind his inspiration to paint it is pretty serendipitous.
During a trip several months ago, Gary …

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Tyler Patterson Joins Patterson Legal Group as New Trial Attorney

Tyler Patterson is a trial attorney with Patterson Legal Group, L.C., representing accident victims and their families. Tyler has developed an extensive network in the Kansas legal community.
Patterson is a graduate of Washburn Law School, where he won awards for his trial advocacy skills as a part of AAJ’s Trial …

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Does Gary Patterson Wear a Cowboy Hat to Court?

This may be one of the questions you’ve asked yourself after seeing a TV commercial for Patterson Legal Group. Attorney Gary Patterson, with his white Stetson, can be seen performing all sorts of cowboy hi-jinks, from telling an insurance company guy to “pay up” at the saloon:

To having a “showdown” …

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Attorney Gary Patterson Gets National Attention for Local Case

Despite his TV-commercial persona, Attorney Gary Patterson isn’t one to seek out attention. So when Rachel Aviv, a writer with The New Yorker, contacted him recently, he was rather surprised.
“She was in town interviewing several local attorneys and victims’ families who’d been involved with legal actions in 2009 after the …

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