Technology Aims to Reduce Rear End Collisions

Rear end collisions can cause serious and permanent injuries.  Imagine a piece of technology that can slam on the brakes before a driver even realizes they are too close to your vehicle. Seems like technology waiting to be created, right? Actually, it has been here for quite some time.  Collision avoidance systems have been implemented in cars since the early 2000s. Collision technology is affordable and should be installed on every vehicle. rear end collisions

A driver’s failure to install a rear end collision system on their vehicle could be the basis of a claim against the owner of a vehicle. Drivers have a responsibility to other drivers on the road to make sure a vehicle is operated in the safest manner possible.  With the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reporting that 1.7 million rear-end crashes occurred with close to 1,800 fatalities in the United States since 2012, drivers needed rear end collision systems to help stop these accidents.  Toyota reports that rear end collision systems can reduce up to 50 percent of accidents. Using a variety of new technology, major auto manufacturers have found ways to reduce rear-end collisions by 90 percent.

Although new technology will not end rear end collisions, many auto manufacturers are taking steps at reducing accidents and saving lives. The estimates on rear end collision reduction may be lofty expectations, but hopefully they soon become reality.


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