Accident Reports in Missouri

How can I obtain a copy of an accident report in Missouri?

The first responding officer to an accident can provide you with information on how to obtain a copy of the accident or police report. The police report could be very important when in terms of evidence if you have a personal injury claim, so it is important for you or your attorney to obtain the report after you are involved in an accident.
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What happens if I disagree with an accident report or there is a mistake?

Accident reports are not the final word on how an accident occurred. Sometimes these reports contain factual mistakes (e.g. the location of the accident, or the type of vehicle), or opinions that are simply wrong. You might also disagree with an investigating officer if you or someone else was ticketed for violating a traffic law. If you find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do is to jot down your version of how things occurred as soon as possible after your accident. Include as many details as you can remember.

It is rare for an investigating officer to change details in an accident report after the report is published. However, keep in mind that insurance companies often conduct their own investigations. An accident report is only a part of evidence that the insurance company uses to evaluate a claim. Insurance adjusters, yourself, or an attorney, may also find other evidence (e.g. video, photographs, witness statements) that can counter what is published in an accident report.