Steps to Take After an Accident

Unfortunately, almost every one of us will be involved in an auto accident at some point in our lives. These accidents might be as minor as a fender bender or a major crash. Sometimes people leave the scene of a crash with just a few scratches, and other times people might suffer severe injuries.   At Patterson Legal Group, we sometimes see people who have injuries that change the course of life and affect their work, family, and their entire life.

First, it is very important to always carry a first aid kit in your car in case of any emergency or car accident. This is particularly helpful if you are away from the city and first aid is at least a few miles away.

Also, in case you do are injured in an accident and you are away from immediate medical assistance, after first aid has been administered, you should still seek help from your doctor. At times we feel absolutely okay even after an accident, but sometimes devastating or life changing injuries can take days, weeks or even months to surface.

In the event that someone does hit your car, the first thing that you should do is make a mental or take a written note of the car’s registration number, the model, color and if you recognize any clear or distinct marking such as a dent or scratch. This information will be essentially helpful later on in any further proceedings especially if a lawsuit is filed against the culprit.

Third, you should NOT apologize to the person who has hit your car after you have taken note of all the things mentioned above. If you are able to find a car wreck lawyer, they will be able to assess the situation by reading the police report. Sometimes a well-intentioned apology can be interpreted as an admission of guilt.

If the insurance company tells you that you should settle, or if the other party is pressuring you to settle, it never hurts to consult an auto accident attorney.  The majority of time, it is preferable to consult an attorney prior to entering settlement negotiations with the insurance company. 

Nevertheless, our lawyers can take a look at the situation for free and evaluate whether or not it is necessary to take further legal action. When in doubt, it is always smart to consult a car wreck lawyer.

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