Don’t become an Auto Accident Statistic

An auto accident might be heading your way even if you are a cautious driver. reports an average driver files an auto accident claim every 17.9 years. Yikes! Statistics also tell us that an auto accident will not result in a fatality. The National Safety Council cites that only “three in every 1,000 wrecks involves a fatality”. Sounds like nothing to worry about, right?  But auto accident costs are rising.

The Insurance Information Institute stated that “two million Americans are injured in crashes every year. In 2016 the average auto liability claim for property damage was $3,683 while bodily injury claims were $16,110”. Rising medical costs are the reason bodily injury claims are nearly five times more expensive than property damage claims.

These statistics suggest you might ride your bike everywhere to evade the perils of car accidents.  We patterson legal group, auto accidentrecommend these steps so you can avoid becoming a statistic.

  1. DON’T DRIVE AFTER DRINKING – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is the #1 cause of accidents, fatal and non-fatal. Drunk drivers cause one-third of all fatal auto accidents in the US.
  2. Stay alert  – Keep your eyes on the road at all time. Save the text or tweet for later. NHTSA reported that 3,450 fatalities stemmed from distracted driving. Along with paying attention to the road, pay attention to your speed. Speeding or driving too fast for specific conditions account for one-third of all fatal auto accidents.
  3. Drive defensively – Keep your head on a swivel when you drive. Suspect that other drivers are not paying attention and develop good habits to prevent any careless accidents.
  4. Avoid “fatal” hours – Avoid the roads during the weekend around the times of midnight to 3 am. NHTSA cited that “two-thirds of fatal accidents that occur during the fatal hours are caused by alcohol-impaired driving”. After a fun night on the town just go to bed. Avoid the Taco Bell run and get some rest.

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