Five Important Safety Tips to Avoid a St. Patrick’s Day Injury

St. Patrick’s Day Injury

St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful holiday to celebrate Irish culture, watch festive parades, consume alcoholic beverages (responsibly), and enjoy amazing food. Cities throughout Kansas and Missouri will be hosting events from March 15 to 17 for St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you prefer downing a pint of green brew at the pub, devouring some corned beef and cabbage at a restaurant, or watching a parade, you’re bound to find activities you’ll love.

Everyone at Patterson Legal Group hopes you feel the “luck of the Irish” this St. Patrick’s Day. Most importantly, we hope your holiday is safe and sound, free of any St. Patrick’s Day injury. To help keep your celebration fun and safe, please follow these five tips.

If You’re Drinking, Don’t Drive

Thousands of gallons of lager, stout, and whiskey will be consumed during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Kansas and Missouri. If you plan to be among the consumers, then make sure you have travel plans that don’t put you behind the wheel.

Using a designated driver, taxi, or rideshare will help you avoid a potentially deadly and life-changing driving under the influence (DUI) charge. If you get into a car accident because of a drunk driver and sustain a St. Patrick’s Day injury, call Patterson Legal Group for immediate assistance.

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Wear Comfortable Shoes That Protect Your Feet

Whether you’re marching in a parade or pub crawling, it’s important to wear comfortable and protective shoes this St. Patrick’s Day. Drinks tend to spill as the day goes on, which could lead to a slip-and-fall accident

Garbage also tends to pile up on walkways, which could cause you to trip. While it’s difficult to keep venues clean during a busy holiday, it’s the responsibility of the owner to maintain a safe environment. Negligent property owners could be liable for injuries caused by unsafe property.

If Tempers Are Flaring, Change Bars

Alcohol consumption can make people overly emotional. While the girl that’s happy-crying or the guy that’s over-hugging are easy enough to deal with, St. Patrick’s Day revelry can be ruined by angry drunks. If you notice people at a bar or party that are starting to get ornery then switch venues. Kansas and Missouri have plenty of places for you to safely enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day.

Have the Number of a Personal Injury Lawyer Handy

There are times when accidents happen, no matter how safe you’re being. Should you get injured on St. Patrick’s Day it’s important to call an experienced personal injury attorney, like those at Patterson Legal Group, immediately. Our caring and compassionate staff will help you find the medical care you need, while our attorneys will immediately start assembling a case that will win you maximum compensation for your injuries.

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Suffer a St. Patrick’s Day Injury?

Everyone at Patterson Legal Group hopes that you and yours have an amazing St. Patrick’s Day that’s free of any unfortunate incidents. Should you or a loved one suffer an injury, call us for immediate assistance. We’re available 24/7 at 888-687-2400 and online through LiveChat or encrypted contact form. Case evaluations are free and we do not collect any fees unless your case is won.

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