Insurance Company Attempts to Buy a Verdict

Giant insurance company, State Farm has been accused of defrauding the Illinois Supreme Court by covering up its support of the Republican candidate in a 2004 Supreme Court race.

Lawyers in the class action suit including former television star and U.S. Senator Fred Thompson allege that State Farm lied and misled the court and hid its support of  Illinois Supreme Court Justice Karmeier’s campaign and worked to thwart his disqualification. It is alleged that Karmeier received at $2.5 million and maybe as much as $4 million from State Farm through intermediaries in his campaign against his opponent.

Karmeier declined to recuse himself from another class-action case against State Farm because of a conflict of interest and eventually voted to void a $1 billion judgement against State Farm.

Source: Chicago Tribune September 2011

Carl Wagner

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