Patterson Growth – “We’ve Expanded Our Practice AND Square Footage to Better Serve Our Clients”

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Patterson Growth – “We’ve Expanded Our Practice AND Square Footage to Better Serve Our Clients”

At Patterson Legal Group (PLG), when we say we’ve experienced significant growth over the years, we don’t just mean helping hundreds of clients get the compensation they deserve, we mean we’ve grown in every sense of the word. In terms of square space, PLG is now the largest personal injury firm in Wichita. After 13 years in the same building, we’ve moved across the hall to give everyone a bit of much-needed elbow room, but that’s just one thing on a list of recent news for the Patterson firm.

Patterson Gains More Space and Adds New Practice

Much like moving a large family from one home to another, we’ve been packing and unpacking since February. Our new space has just over 8,000 square feet with two conference rooms, more cubicles for support staff (including a Spanish interpreter), and several offices to accommodate additional attorneys.

Habitat Experience Pays Off
The new office space is lovely, but it needed a few personal touches to make it feel like home. Thankfully, our founders have experience in this area. Gary and Ann are both former presidents of Habitat for Humanity, and they’ve definitely done their fair share of swinging hammers and using re-purposed material. Known for his painting and creativity, Gary quickly went to work making a few small renovations including redoing a unique surface of real wood wallpaper.

Gary's office is classic, while Tyler prefers retro/modern.
Gary’s office is classic, while Tyler prefers retro/modern.

Go System Tool Improves Productivity
Over the last few months, Patterson has experienced an uptick in growth across all practices. The reason for the noticeable jump may be due to the implementation of the Go System! Created by one of the firms latest trial attorneys, Tyler Patterson, the Go System is a client relationship management tool that allows employees the the ability to track and monitor leads the moment they come in. Staff members can track when a new call is received AND (this is the best part) attach information about appointments, updates and case outcomes.

What Should We Put On All These New Walls? Awards!!
Recently, Gary Patterson received Client Satisfaction Awards from the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys (AIOPIA). The award recognizes Gary and Carl as one of the 10 Best of 2015 in Kansas. This is a significant achievement because PLG prides itself on having one of the highest staff-to-client ratios in the nation. One of our biggest priorities, particularly in an accident claim, is making sure all of the resulting bills are organized and paid. “When someone gets into a car accident, for example, there are several bills generated for one person,” explained Ann, Director of Operations. “We make sure every x-ray, emergency room, ambulance and any other associated bill is taken care of.”

As the Patterson Legal Group Team continues to adjust to our new window views, our focus remains the same, helping people feel whole again.