Skylar K.

I had been injured in a vehicle wreck in February of 2014. The insurance company handling my claim insisted on low-balling me and giving me the runaround. After nearly two years had passed, I had made no progress in regards to reaching a resolution, that seemed fair and appropriate to me, with the claim representatives handling my case. It was at that time I was contacted by Mr. Tyler Patterson. He explained to me his experience with cases similar to mine and after a very brief conversation, I didn’t hesitate to retain his services. Throughout, Tyler’s constant & personnal involvement proved to be the persistence needed in reaching a settlement agreement that reflected more of my personal interest. Today, 6 months later, I write this testimonial while sitting with Mr. Patterson, and his assistant, Ms. Shelly Bolden as we finalize the paperwork– the paperwork hat is the one step remaining after my settlement check for $50,000.00. I’m confident without Mr. Patterson the outcome of my case would have been nowhere near as favorable and I cannot express how much I appreciate everything Patterson Law Group has done for me! They’re an excellent choice!

Skylar K., 2016


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