Why Isn’t the Person Who Caused the Accident Paying My Bills?

Kansas is a “no-fault” state which can be a misleading term.   In Kansas, your medical bills are initially covered by your own car insurance, in a provision called personal injury protection or PIP.  It doesn’t matter whether you have liability only or comprehensive coverage; the minimum amount of coverage is $4,500.  PIP covers your initial medical bills with no deductibles and no copayments.  You don’t have to track down the other person’s company or try to get treatment approved by a company that has no allegiance to you.   Thus, you work with your own company to get your medical bills and lost wages paid.  You also are able to set the amount of PIP you have, so you may purchase a greater amount than $4,500.  At the end of your case, your insurance company is paid back and then your auto insurance rates don’t go up.

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