Why Should I See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

Doctor After Car Accident

Getting into a car accident can be distressing. There can be so much to worry about that you may neglect your health and focus on other matters. This is a huge mistake. Seeing a doctor after a car accident is imperative. Cars can be fixed and property can be replaced, but you only have one body; your health should always be your primary concern following an automobile accident. With that in mind, Patterson Legal Group presents five reasons why it’s important to see a doctor after a car accident.

Adrenaline Can Mask Signs of Injury

Adrenaline is a hormone that’s secreted during times of stress. It can increase blood circulation, respiratory rate, and metabolism, which can lead to people being and feeling stronger for a period of time. 

Additionally, adrenaline can affect the way you perceive injury by blocking your pain receptors. You may have an injury caused by a car crash, but you may not be aware of it until the effects of adrenaline have worn off. Prompt medical attention can help you detect injuries sooner and treat them immediately. This can make sure that your ailments don’t worsen or compound over time.

Soft Tissue Damage Is Difficult to Detect

One of the most difficult injuries to diagnose immediately is soft tissue damage. Ligament, muscle, and tendon damage might not be very noticeable at first, but can have lasting effects. 

Getting a proper examination, including CT scans or MRI scans, is sometimes the only way to be sure of soft tissue damage. It’s important to diagnose soft tissue injuries right away, before they can change the way you walk or make simple movements difficult for the rest of your life.

Doctors Can Tell You Signs to Look Out For

Most of us are not doctors and don’t know all the signs to look out for regarding injuries. This is especially true with injuries that are not apparent right away. In addition to making sure that you don’t have any injuries now, your doctor can tell you what to look out for in order to diagnose an injury that may come up later. 

At Patterson Legal group, our attorneys have served clients that have shown signs of injury days or weeks after an accident. Thankfully, our clients that saw a doctor after a car accident were aware of the warning signs.

Your Body May Be Compensating For an Injury

Some injuries go undetected because your body compensates for the damage. For example, your left leg may be doing more work because of a minor injury to your right knee, such as a hairline fracture. This can lead to damage to your left hip due to overcompensation. 

You might not even notice that your left leg has been carrying more of your bodyweight until you’ve done permanent damage to your hip. Getting a medical exam after an accident can make sure that any injury you’ve suffered is treated properly and you don’t cause damage to other parts of your body.

The Effects of Whiplash Can Vary

One of the most common car accident injuries is whiplash. It’s also one of the most difficult injuries to treat since the effects can be so varied. Many people associate whiplash with neck pain, which certainly can happen. However, due to the complexity of nerves around the neck and spine, whiplash can cause a number of other maladies. In addition to neck pain, people can suffer from shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, tinnitus, and more. Seeing a doctor after a car accident can help make sure that you don’t suffer one of the many effects of whiplash.

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