What happens if my insurance expires and I get into an accident?

If your auto insurance expires and you get into an accident, if the accident was not your fault it is possible you can still recover damages.  In 2011, the Kansas Legislature passed a law that makes you ineligible for noneconomic losses if you don’t maintain PIP coverage on your titled automobile.  (This law is referred to as “no pay, no play.”)   If you are the titled owner of a vehicle and don’t have automobile insurance, then you can collect for your medical bills and your lost wages, but it is the pain and suffering portion of the settlement that you are can not collect.   As with most laws, there are a few exceptions that might apply to you and you may not be barred from recovering pain and suffering.  Patterson Legal Group would be happy to talk to you to see if you fit into the categories where you may still have coverage.

If your auto insurance has expired and you are at-fault for causing an accident, it is possible that you can be held personally responsible for the property damage and bodily injury you caused.   If the person who was not at-fault has an active auto insurance policy, they may be able to get coverage under their Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage on their auto policy.  This would relieve the at-fault party from having to pay the related medical bills.  If the person who was not at-fault has an active auto insurance policy, they may have collision coverage as well which would cover the property damage losses.

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